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Review: Baron by Joanna Shupe

It isn't often that I run across a romance featuring a well-to-do railroad politician and a working class female medium. It's even less often that the book is set in 1880s America. It's for those reasons and many more that┬áBaron,┬áby Joanna Shupe, is one of my favorite reads this year. Synopsis William Sloane has the… Continue reading Review: Baron by Joanna Shupe

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The Romancer: Game Warden Edition

I love anything that has to do with love and romance. I like watching shows like "Married at First Sight" and "Say Yes to the Dress," so it was a surprise to me when one day I started watching "North Woods Law" on Animal Planet. The show features game wardens going about their daily duty… Continue reading The Romancer: Game Warden Edition