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My Current Project

Hi all!

Today, I’d like to share my current project, “Loving Lady Georgianna.” It’s the second book in my regency historical series – the Spirited Brides Trilogy. It follows Lady Georgianna (Georgie) who is abandoned one evening by Lord Vincent Thorne who promises to take her to Gretna Green to marry. The problem? He never shows up.

Years later – after being forgotten by the love of her life and being burned in a manor fire – Georgie is done hiding. She reaches a betrothal arrangement with the Duke of Burkeley. She will be married by season’s end, and hopefully with child, soon after.

Until Thorne catapults back into her life with a wager. A better husband is to be found – him. But first, he needs her forgiveness. He’ll get Georgie to lower her defenses and then propose himself as her only option. Although, he has no intention of bringing a child into society. It’s a minor hiccup.

Or so he thinks.

Can forgiveness be found? Will their past love remain simply that? A mistake?

It’s a battle that they both want to win. But soon, perhaps losing doesn’t seem so bad…

Loving Lady Georgianna

Click on here to check it out now!



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