library displays

Gotta Love Displays

I think my favorite part of being a librarian is doing my display every month.

Now, I’m more of a writer – I learn by reading and doing, but I’m not so much a visual learner. That being said, it also helps that I love books; I love to share books, I love to look for new books, I like to smell books (but that’s something else entirely).

fb_img_1473781190153Choosing a theme is always the beginning. I like to start by looking for monthly holidays. For example, Women’s History Month was in March. This was probably the most fun I’ve had creating a design and the most I’ve learned. I am sad to say that I wasn’t familiar with every woman I featured, but that’s what makes being a librarian great.

I made little postcards by simply folding a piece of construction stock paper in half (it’ll stand much better than a regular sheet of computer paper.) I did “Who am I?” and I listed a factoid. For the women more well-known, such as Amelia Earhart, I tried to get a different and obscure fact that may not be common knowledge.

It was an enlightening experience and became my new favorite website! Then it was a matter of selecting books (I tried Goodreads, our library catalog, and a general search engine). Then it was finding some pictures to display.

For the month of July, I thought I would make it a little quirky. My husband is a huge believer in aliens and alternate dimensions, and he loves the show, “Ancient Aliens.” (If any of you have read my story “Starlight” on Wattpad, you’ll see a reference to the show. My real life is fodder for my fiction :D). The alien guy (because I don’t know his real name) sits up top with his favorite phrase…”But it was aliens!” My chosen books were about the Bermuda Triangle and alien abductions. I put in some conspiracy books for fun and alien- themed fiction.fb_img_1473781177074

Another side note: My husband is a columnist for the local newspaper, and he has a space themed column every week. The very day I put up this display,  an advertisement for his column was in the paper, and lo-and-behold, there his face was, photoshopped into a spacesuit. I had to replace Ancient Alien dude and place him up there. I sent him a picture ‘cuz that’s what a good wife does! (Ha!)

As you can probably tell, I LOVE doing this. Displays are a great way to get your creative juices going and, not only that, but it gets people interested in reading a book they may not have picked up otherwise. So here’s two ideas for now and then, I’ll show you a roadtrip display and my favorite…my ROMANCE NOVEL DISPLAY.

I’m a romance reader, writer, breather. I can’t wait to share!

And do be sure to visit your local library. Share what displays they are doing!




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