Review: Wolf Unleashed by Paige Tyler

I’m the type that obsesses over a good book, but occasionally, I get so lost in the story that I look up from the pages and expect the hero to form right before my eyes. Alas, dear reader, there was no six-foot-four inch muscled werewolf shifter, but hey, you can’t win them all.

In this case, I will gladly take what I can get.

Wolf Unleashed by Paige Tyler was non-stop action from the start. Our heroine, Lacey Barton, is the new vet in a clinic in Dallas, and when she hears that there is dog fighting in the area, she is one of the first to respond, and she’s getting tired of being too late to save the animals. What she doesn’t expect in her investigations is to get tangled up in the drug circuit of fireball – or as equally tangled up in Dallas SWAT member, Alex Trevino.

Alex can’t get the new vet out of his head, and he thinks she just might be The One. Unfortunately for him, Lacey keeps turning him down, and he just doesn’t get it. As the drug ring takes lives, Alex is determined to save them, and when he finds that Lacey and her sister are threatened, it just might be more than this werewolf can bear.

I adored this book. It’s always refreshing for me to see the heroine give the hero a good chase. From the very first meeting, she’s turning down the hunky Trevino. It seems ludicrous when you see what kind of chemistry these two have.

Reaching down, Alex gently picked up Tuffie and set her on the stainless steel exam table.

“Nice muscle tone,” Lacey murmured.

Alex felt the compliment go right to his head. “Thanks.”

“Actually, I was talking about Tuffie,” Lacey said as she tenderly ran her hands over the dog’s shoulders.


She looked up at him from beneath her lashes. “But yours is pretty good too.”

Alex thinks Lacey could be his mate – The One destined for his werewolf – but how does she find it so easy to turn him down? While it’s a merry chase, I celebrated each time that Lacey avoids Alex’s advances while at the same time, celebrated when Alex got through one of her walls. This particular werewolf is a relationship guy through and through, and it is so refreshing.

Which leads me to the great camaraderie in the SWAT group.These guys are always giving each other crap, and Alex’s partner, Remy – the ultimate werewolf playboy – gives him the most.

“That works for you?” Alex asked. “Playing it cool when a woman isn’t interested in you, I mean.”

Remy shrugged. “Hell if I know. I’ve never met a woman who wasn’t interested in me. I’m just making up this crap in the hope that it helps you.”


“And if it doesn’t? Then what?”

Remy glanced at him as he pulled the SUV into the parking lot of the SWAT compound. “Then you’ll just have to accept the fact that Lacey has extremely good taste and is way out of your league.”

Luckily for Alex, Lacey needs his persistence, his courage, his absolute dedication. Lacey’s backstory is horrible, and I cried for her. She’s been taking care of her sister for years, working hard for her future, that she does so little for herself. And isn’t that true in today’s world? Working ourselves to the bone for those we care about? To be proud of ourselves?

Alex loves to take care of Lacey, however. He shows her how it could be between them if she’d only rely on his strength.

Damned if he wasn’t sexy.

Lacey returned his smile. “You’re resorting to sexual arousal to blackmail me into another date?”

He stopped as he reached the door. “A desperate man does what he has to.”

She lifted a brow. “I make you that desperate?”

“I guess it will take another date—or two—for you to find that out.” That dangerous smile of his flashed across his face again before he turned and walked out.

The plot kicks into high gear not long after, and the romance falls a bit to the wayside. After the reveal of Alex’s werewolf identity, I wanted one last quiet moment for them. Something to round out their interactions.

That being said, I got sucked into this SWAT world, and I was flipping through pages so fast, my fingertips were burning. And I enjoyed every second of it.

Paige Tyler’s writing is simply effortless; flawless. So, if you’re in the mood for an adventure where the romance and the plot entwine masterfully; where you lose your heart to a giving and wounded young woman with her protective, alpha counterpart, I urge you to pick up this installment in the SWAT series.

It’s what romantic suspense should be.


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