Review: Passion Restored by Carrie Ann Ryan

Passion Restored has all the elements of a great romance with enough plot twists to keep you guessing. Get ready for one heck of a book.

passion-restoredLiz might lose her job as a nurse, so time is strained, money is tight, and sex is nonexistent. The last thing she needs is an attraction to the sexy and adorable, Owen Gallagher. Liz doesn’t expect to see him again let alone find him in her ER room that same evening. All too soon, she’s meeting his family and finding out that she moved next door to the guy! Owen begins a campaign to win her over, and Liz knows her heart might not survive the fall.

Owen is sent for a loop the night he’s hit by a car and ends up in Liz’s ER room. Too bad Liz doesn’t want anything to do with him. Owen has other ideas. He begins a slow battle to wear down her walls and finds that there’s much more to Liz than meets the eye. When lust sidelines Owen, however, he’s more than willing to take the risk. But will Liz?

“You look ready to either cry or start humping the drywall…I don’t know if either one is really workplace appropriate.”

I’ll start by saying that I adored the entire Gallagher family. There are four brothers, and the interactions between them and their wives had me laughing! They all work in the construction business and our hero, Owen, is the guru of post-its and organization. Honestly, he’s a little obsessive-compulsive. I just wanted to cuddle him whenever he went on about making lists and color-coding. And he owns this about himself. There’s also no second-guessing when he makes up his mind to go after Liz. No push and pull. It is what it is.

Liz, quite frankly, works her ass off. Budget cuts mean some of the nurses are going to lose their job, and Liz takes up extra hours so this doesn’t happen. She also tries to stay out of the office gossip. Unfortunately, one of her co-workers has it out for her, and I wanted to take up Liz’s fight! I had so much respect for Liz and when she finally goes off, I had to put my kindle down so I could clap and fist-pump. Luckily, she also has the persistent and attentive Owen to provide some much-needed stress relief.

She’d imagined his mouth on her lips, on her skin before, and yet those dreams had nothing on the real man.

I wasn’t prepared for how dirty the sex was. It caught me completely by surprise, and I am so happy for it! The heat builds and comes to a head so quickly. I’m going to steal one of Liz’s (and Owen’s) words here, but holy hell, was it grand! Dirty talk, anyone? Mix some plot twists in there, and I was on the edge of my seat!

Now, the ending was a little rough. There were some moments that were too abrupt or didn’t seem to fit in with the story. Liz also goes back and forth a lot emotionally. For the most part, though, I simply couldn’t stop reading. The chemistry is spot on, the Gallagher family is to die for, and the one-liners made this book so much fun.

Passion Restored is the second book in Ms. Ryan’s Gallagher Brothers series. If you like it a little rough and rowdy with a close knit and heart-filled group, I highly recommend this one. A thoroughly enjoyable tale!

*Reviewed by Michaelene for the Alpha Book Club. The cross post can be found here.*


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