Review: Edge of Power by Megan Crane

Full Disclosure: I hadn’t read any of the other books in this series. However, when I saw it was a Viking romance set in a futuristic world?  Sign me up! The beginning was rough for me, but by the middle, I was addicted. It was–and wasn’t–what I was expecting.

cover106896-mediumThe world has changed. After a series of storms and floods, the Earth isn’t what it used to be. Only certain parts of the U.S. are still known as habitable. Some parts are blocked away by kings and others by groups of raider Vikings. Wulf is part of the latter. But their worlds collide as Wulf goes on a reconnaissance mission in the middle of the Western Mainland with it’s horrible King Athenian. Get in, get out. That’s it.

Only Wulf doesn’t expect a different type of distraction.

Princess Kathlyn hears talk of the Raider King in their midst, and she decides to take her virginity into her own hands. She’ll deliver it to the Viking and curse her father all at once. She doesn’t expect Wulf’s potent masculinity or his bold fingers and devilish tongue. With time running out, both need to decide if their newfound and unwanted feelings are worth the risk.

The setting caught my attention first. The Earth is in disarray and there are those like King Athenian hoarding light and ruling people with an iron fist, and those like the Vikings who are said to be barbarians, but wish to expand their knowledge of the outside world.  I loved gaining insight into the politics and intrigue.

Wulf, the Raider King, is without a doubt an alpha. Everything he does–from the way he walks into a room or meets someone’s eye–proclaims it. He’s gruff and in-your-face and so cocky. Granted, it’s earned! But that leads me to the filthy-mouthed raider portion of my review. I actually didn’t like Wulf at the beginning. He was overly arrogant, and he has a habit of using curse words as adjectives every other sentence.  It became more gratuitous than anything. It pulled me out of the story.

In the same vein, the sex scenes are scorching hot, hot, hot but dirty, raw and explicit. I like my stories dirty so I was game, but I could see others not liking the language used.

Now, onto Kathlyn. I liked her. She doesn’t have the same experience growing up. As a princess in the King’s Mainland, her job is to get bids on her virginity and save her innocence. Say, what? Yes, her father is a total douchenozzle. Kathlyn, however, is going to change her future in any way she can. That’s how she ends up against a wall in Wulf’s cell realizing the pleasure in something Kathlyn had thought brought only pain.

Kathlyn’s world is separatist. It’s almost like the people are brainwashed into believing in their fates. I just adored how Kathlyn fights against it. Because despite how soft and sweet Kathlyn is, she also has a core of steel. I can’t imagine a better match for Wulf.

These two together were simply dynamite. Kathlyn softens Wulf while he gives her a little of his bravado and badassery. The character development took my breath away, and I was rooting for them something fierce.

Now, the opening starts off pretty slow. There are many internal monologues that I had to slog through, but once the story starts picking up speed, it doesn’t let you go to the very end. I had so many emotions–good and bad–and it made the reading experience so unique and heart-wrenching and satisfying, all at once. I gave this read a solid 4 stars because of it.

Edge of Power is a dark romance and those who read it should be aware of that. But it’s also a very raw and gritty story. It’s crass and bold and beautiful all at once. An epic journey that will stay with you long after the last page.

*I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest and fair review*

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