ARC Review: Beast: A Hate Story, The Beginning

Oh, how I loved this story! It’s beautifully chilling, and I never knew how to feel between one moment and the next. I originally picked this one up because I’ve been on a beast and mafia romance kick, and this one had both in equal measure. But it’s mind f&ckery at its finest. I’m still in inner turmoil.

28095140Frankie (I just love that name!) promises her life in exchange for her father’s. They owe money to the mob, and Beast—the interim mafia Boss—ends up handling the situation himself. His position, however, isn’t cemented and the last thing Beast needs is to make a mistake. Falling for Frankie instead of selling her as planned is one such mistake. Before he knows it, Beast’s caught up in his own weaved web around the fierce beauty. He spoils his deal with The Institute and somehow wants to keep her for himself. So, what happens when something you shouldn’t want—something you don’t want—becomes something that you do?

This story is never black and white. From the get-go, I was on the fence. Do I like Beast? Do I hate Beast? Does Frankie? Because as Frankie weaves and bobs, stands tall or sinks low, so do the readers. It’s a constant ebb and flow. One minute, I was sure I had one or both of these characters pinned down and in the next, they switch their end games or are so awash in their own internal debates that it sent me reeling once more into the gray. Beast uses fear and other sexual seductions against Frankie, and little by little, Frankie finds herself standing firm while wanting to bend. She builds barriers as quickly as the Beast tears them down. This is a complex story—both have such dark and deep demons—and we only scratch the surface. The outside conflict with Beast’s mafia position intertwines so well with the constant psychological warfare that goes on.

The conflict builds and builds and its maddening and enthralling and frustrating all at once. Constant turmoil and anticipation for something that’s coming just around the corner. But there’s also a strategic chaos at play—tricks of the mind, truths revealed in the body, and conflict that tears apart the soul. This book captured me and didn’t let go.

Beast: a Hate Story is a masterful weaving of dark and even darker desires, and I am eagerly anticipating the second book in this duet. Oh, the evil cliffhanger! 5 WOW stars!

*This is cross-posted on the Alpha Book Club and can be found here.*


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