Review: Within a Captain’s Power by Lisa A. Olech

I really enjoyed this one! It has a female pirate captain, a swoony romance, and hilarious side characters!

“No, he is not my betrothed. He is more my jailer.”
Captain Steele laughed again. “Isn’t that somewhat the same thing?”
“Spoken like a man who is either terminally single or unhappily betrothed.”

cover107472-mediumSamantha Christian hasn’t had it easy. She has a suitor in the United States, and she travels from England to marry him. That man, however, has no intention of marriage. She’s kept as an abused servant, and her only hope for escape is on a passing pirate ship. I love how we’re propelled straight into the plot. This girl has heart! I wanted to shout, “Brava!” so many times throughout this book.

Her strength is shown in such an understated way. She’s so gentle and caring and despite threats hanging over her head–both on board the ship and on land–Samantha’s determined to make a better life for herself. So what if that means being disguised as a cabin boy and sneaking under the eyes of dangerous men?

You go, girl!

But what are the chances she escapes one unpromising fate only to fall full-speed for another?

Her counterpart in this swashbuckling tale is Captain James Steele. Samantha intrigues James with her sweet and saucy nature at a ball. But it’s that night that Samantha plans her escape, and she uses James as a distraction, kissing him. James notices something off in how Samantha moves and interacts, but he doesn’t get a chance to get to know her better. He figures they’ll never meet again and even should he run across her, he’s betrothed to another.

Next to loyalty and duty in the dictionary, I’m sure you’ll find a picture of Captain James himself. I just adored him. He’s tasked to bring pirates to justice, and one of his first captures is the legendary pirate ship holding Samantha on board. The plot unfolds as we learn James’s past, and he’s all twisted up inside. From here, we’re catapulted on board, hanging onto the mast, and swept into constant tides of action and intrigue and romance.

Though I did think the romance develops a little too quickly, it’s such a sweet and fragile thing, a sweeping feeling that takes them by surprise. With the circumstances, I was okay with this aspect. And the pirates! All of these characters have no problem giving James hell as does James’s friend, Ducky. I really hope Ducky’s story is next! It’s so much fun to take on the high seas with this colorful crew!

Within a Captain’s Power is perfect for readers who like a gentle romance with uproarious characters and a dashing adventure aboard ship. A sweeping saga you don’t want to miss!

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