Review: Blackburn Castle by R.C. Matthews

Blackburn Castle is book two in the Tortured Souls series by R.C. Matthews. It’s a sweeping story with gothic elements and touches of the paranormal and magic. I enjoyed this one!

cover109654-mediumVictor Blackburn has a family curse which will cause him to die horrifically on his 27th birthday. The only way to save himself is to find Mercy Limmerick, a witch who can reverse the curse. The problem? Victor was forced to kill her mother.

Mercy waits anxiously for the day Victor will die and with him, the last of the Blackburns. She doesn’t expect to fall for the man, however, or become embroiled in the history of the curse. Will she save him? Or will their past threaten the chance for a future?

I was really looking forward to the gothic atmosphere in this one. And it delivered! Victor’s family home is mysterious and dark, and it was a game of Clue trying to figure out the workings of the curse. They have to find amber stones to set Victor free, but other twists and turns come about. The second half of this book was exciting and always kept me guessing.

Victor is a former pirate and his past is so sad! He’s determined to break the curse, and he has such a formidable will that he ends up stealing Mercy away. With the help of love potions and serums, his fate becomes complicated as his morals are tested. Mercy has such a good head on her shoulders as well. She’s intelligent and crafty, but slowly, she gets to know the man beneath the curse.

Anyone looking for a good paranormal tale should definitely give this one a try.

3.5 stars!


*I received an arc via NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest and fair review*


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