ARC Review: A Ballroom Temptation by Kimberly Bell

A Ballroom Temptation is book three in Kimberly Bell’s Countess Scandals series. This is the first book I’ve read by this author, and I enjoyed this one tremendously.

cover88888-mediumThe wit! This book is chalk full of wit, and I giggled and guffawed and any other verb that fits. Jane Bailey’s family has been exiled from London ever since her father lost the family’s fortune. Their lucks changes when her brother’s investments pay off tenfold. He bustles Jane and her Aunt Mathilda to London for a season, but it’s the last place Jane wants to be. Her ex-fiancée will be in town. But she doesn’t expect to run into a handsome stranger or be quite so caught up in his arms.

It was practically obscene, with all the exposed forearms and flexing muscles.

Oh, how delightful Jane was. She has such a soft heart and an underlying edge of humor to her—an ability to laugh at herself—too, which just made me fall in love with her character. Though her fighting spirit is locked under a shell, there’s an inner strength to her that reels the hero in. Which leads to Adam.

Adam Clairborne is tired of his father controlling his fate. After all, it’s how he finds himself back in London. His plan? Make enough money to return to the colonies of America. Within his first few steps back in London however, he’s coming upon Jane. His initial impression of her isn’t the best. He thinks her another high-brow and privileged high-society woman, though it couldn’t be further from the truth.

You remind me of a force of nature. Something only a deity could have wrought.

I love how Adam’s preconceived notions crumble one-by-one. He’s caught off guard by Jane who doesn’t have a malicious or privileged bone in her body. It makes a big impression on Adam who works hard and doesn’t take anything for granted. He can’t afford to. But he’s also more than willing to help Jane. Adam sees something beneath the surface and he wants to help Jane out of the shell that surrounds her. And boy, does he have some sexy ideas! Jane and Adam burn up the pages. It’s a slow burn, but steady too.

The ending was a bit abrupt and I would have liked an epilogue, but I was immensely satisfied with this read. The humor was laugh-out-loud, the wit unbearably clever and on point, and the side characters brilliantly multi-dimensional. I need Lord Quincy and Lord Brandon’s stories ASAP!

While A Ballroom Temptation was the first book I’ve read by Kimberly Bell, it’s definitely not going to be the last. 4 stars!

*I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review*


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