Review: Haven by Rebekah Weatherspoon

34745311Holy Mountain Man!

From the first time I saw this cover and read the blurb, I’ve been dying to read Rebekah Weatherspoon’s Haven. It’s a journey that Claudia finds in the gruff arms of a mountain man surrounded by woods and with a healthy dose of BDSM.

Some of the scars will fade, but a lot of the deep cuts will leave their tracks in my skin forever.

Claudia Cade is having a camping trip with her brother when her life changes drastically. Chased up a mountain, she comes upon Shepard Olsen who saves her. She heads back to New York to heal only to realize that maybe what she needs to heal is back up on that mountain. With Shep.

Shep can’t get Claudia off his mind, and he’s as surprised as she is to find her back in his lonely mountain town. Maybe what they both need is the comfort they can find in each others’ bodies. But will it be enough?

I loved how Haven handles the trauma that both of these characters experience. It’s so realistic, and it’s portrayed so well that I was turning pages as fast as I could. Claudia right from the start owns her feelings and her decisions, and it shows a lot of courage on her part to face her fears. I admired how she goes back to the scene of the tragedy. Shep is such a sweetheart too! He’s a nature photographer and has a gentle soul. His needs align so well with Claudia’s and whoa, was this book HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

There’s almost an insta-connection here, but under the circumstances, I understood it. Integrated with the BDSM and killer tension, it all just made sense in their journey. It felt like a necessary ingredient as they meet up again and take that initial step towards finding acceptance in all the bad between them. But with all that bad, can they form something good and lasting?

While this is a darker story, there’s a great dialogue between Claudia and Shep. I enjoyed the humor and camaraderie they had with each other. This book brought the dark and the light, the humor and the tears. This is not to be missed, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next in the Beards & Bondage series.

4 stars

*I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. This review has been cross-posted at Alpha Book Club and can be found here.*


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