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Review: Dayne’s Demon by RC Woods

I’m finding it hard to rate and review RC Woods’ Dayne’s Demon. This isn’t a standalone novel, and I was expecting it to be. As such, we only get a part of the story, and it veers off in an unexpected direction halfway through. So, here’s my take on what we do have.

Dayne has been living in thecover111756-medium woods as a rogue wolf exterminator. He’s built for solitude ever since he was possessed by a demon—one who has plagued his family’s male line for centuries. His self-imposed solitude comes to an end when he finds a black she-wolf in his woods.

Alana doesn’t want to follow the path her family has chosen for her. She wants to make her own decisions, and she flees. That’s where the course of her fate changes when she runs into the gruff Dayne and the secrets that live within him.

I was so intrigued by the blurb! There’s the demon curse, the loner wolf, the dark woodsy environment and the sweet woman who rocks his world. There were so many elements incorporated in this story, and it coalesces into a plot that’s so unique. It kept me glued to the pages late into the night. The characters are well-done too. Though Dayne is kind of an arse in the beginning (and okay, maybe later), I liked seeing a softer side come into play. Alana really shines too, coming more into her skin as the story develops.

But then the 51% mark came in.

The original blurb to this novel is misleading, and I can’t say more without giving away spoilers. I will say that the direction of the story changes—drastically. There’s plenty of action and subplots that come about. I thought some shuffling could have helped overall with clarity, but the twists did keep me reading. While I hoped the direction of the story would revert back, I was still intrigued by the storytelling and was wondering what was going to happen next. I finished the story a little disappointed—a little confused. There’s this storyline, however, hinted at the end that fairly crackles, so I’m intrigued by all the possibilities of where the story can go.

Full disclosure: Dayne’s Demon does not have an HEA. Now, an HFN? Definitely not in the traditional sense or the way a reader might expect from the blurb. This is why I can’t seem to pinpoint my review on this one. I feel like I need to read the next book first, and I’m hoping to see a reason why things worked out the way they did.

Overall, the storyline was very original, and I definitely enjoyed the author’s writing style. An imaginative book with some twists and turns to keep the reader guessing. For now, my rating stands at 3.5 stars.

*I received a copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest and fair review*

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