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ARC Review: Solo by Lauren E. Rico

When I saw this cover, I was instantly drawn to it. Man with glasses, I’m in! Then I read the blurb: forbidden college teacher/student romance and trapped together in a snow storm. Add on top of that the enemies-to-more trope, and it was an instant selection. Solo by Lauren E. Rico was everything I hoped for and so much more.

solo-70Katherine Brenner likes to keep a low profile. Any misstep and it reflects back on her senator father even if they don’t have the best relationship to start with. It’s hard to do, however, when her music theory professor singles her out incessantly. What’s his deal?

Dr. Drew Markham doesn’t have the highest opinion of Katherine. He has no intention of changing that opinion when all of a sudden he finds himself trapped with Katherine during a snowstorm. And she’s sick as a dog. That’s before the attraction comes in, and secrets are revealed.

Oh, this read was super cute! It’s so engaging and entertaining. I really enjoyed Katherine. Right in the beginning, the plot and pacing kick into overdrive. Katherine’s got so much on her plate already, and she can’t afford to back down or give in to Dr. Markham’s mysterious treatment of her. I really wanted to slap Dr. Markham upside his head numerous times on her behalf! Oh, did he have a lot to make up for! Though Dr. Markham is gruff and grumpy initially, it’s fun watching him stay on his toes where Katherine is concerned.

The way this story develops just felt very organic and fresh and real to me. After all, there are only so many barriers to keep up when someone sees you and takes care of you at your worst. Rico has a talent for storytelling. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, flipping pages to get them as fast as I could into my eyeballs.

The music portion in Solo was the icing on the cake. I could hear the chords and lilts and notes, and it was magic. There’s so much working behind the scenes, so much pushing the plot forward, that it releases this book into a crescendo. I read the ending at least five times just to savor this delightful book.

Solo brought its “A” game. It was a bucket of emotions–sometimes sad, others angry and frustrating, and then others, amusing and bright. I can’t wait to read more from this author.

5 Musical Note Stars!

*I received an arc via NetGalley in exchange for an honest and fair review. This was cross-posted with the Alpha Book Club and the review can be found here.*

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