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Review: Schooled by Piper Lawson

I LOVED this book! I got into Piper Lawson’s Travesty series when I read book three. I loved it so much, I had to pick up the rest of the series. There’s just something about this author’s writing that’s so effortless and fluent, and it draws you right in. I read Schooled at warp speed, and I’m ready for more.

33949262Well, consider me dazzled by your scholastic aptitude.

Lex is a finance major, but she also has a plans for a clothing line, Travesty, which she is starting with her best friend, Ava. She’s focused and dedicated, and she’s got the grit and smarts to tackle it head-on. When Ava’s younger brother, Dylan, enters the picture, however, Lex is sidelined.

With a bad-boy reputation and being years Lex’s junior, he’s written off by Lex. Not to mention he’s off limits because of the girl code! That changes when Dylan transfers to Lex’s college, and the boy she knew is all man. What’s Lex supposed to do with that?

Piper Lawson is bringing back the nice guy, and Dylan is a hero for the books! He’s an engineering major with a nerdy side, but he’s also much less experienced than his reputation lets on. Lex doesn’t expect the boy with Dylan’s rep to turn into this serious man with a big heart and with all these mysteries beneath his eyes. Their connection is intense right up front. I loved how Lex is the older, more experienced woman here, and it’s such a fresh outtake that ramps up the tension by hundreds of degrees.

Everything’s complicated further, however, with Lex determined to start her clothing business straight out of college, and Dylan being the forbidden brother of Lex’s best friend. Will they, won’t they? Push and pull, ups and downs….I was hooked! The secondary cast was great, and I’m so looking forward to Ava meeting her match.

I was absolutely blown away that Stripped is a debut novel because the intricacies of growing up—personally and as parts of a relationship—are just there. It’s sweet and romantic, but also parts desperate and strained and uncertain. I highly recommend this book for those looking for a smart, first-blush college romance. It’ll sweep you off your feet.

5 stars!

*I received an arc via the author in exchange for an honest review. Schooled is book 1 in the Travesty series, and they can be read as standalones*

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