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ARC Review: Surrender the Dark by Tibby Armstrong

Surrender the Dark by Tibby Armstrong was a dark foray into the underbelly of what you think you know and what you discover for yourself. This world of vampires and magic is so vivid that I couldn’t help but be sucked into their story.

There’s no bravery in hate…Only in kneeling to that which frightens you most.

30049602When I think of enemies-to-lovers, I think of shared animosity and despair, the misunderstandings and the drama. Surrender the Dark kicks it up a notch by giving us mortal enemies filled with hate and anger and grief. Benjamin is taught from a young age the evilness of vampires. When he’s called upon by his family to act upon one with violence, Benjamin’s actions cost him dearly. Blind and bitter, Benjamin vows to kill all vampires.

Only he never expected the one vampire who haunts his past.

To say Benjamin is a little angry is a colossal understatement. All Benjamin has to go on years later is his own mettle with a vampire’s words for vengeance hanging over his head. Because of that, Benjamin’s reckless. Half the time he’s drunk out of his mind and others, mired in self-pity. I didn’t quite know if I liked him, but I respected him. He’s able to turn his own disability into a weapon and a strength. But there’s so much hate he has to work through.

Your entire personality is like a hand job in a cold shower.

Then there’s the War King, Tzadkiel. It takes decades for him to heal after what Benjamin’s family did to him. He vows to rise to power and then vanquish his sworn nemesis. Tzadkiel is the epitome of a hero for me. Sure, he’s got his own hate to work through but he also has a underlying sense of honor and loyalty.

Then the plot unfolds another layer, a foe rises and Tzadkiel slowly gets to know the soul hidden beneath Benjamin’s protective shell. They definitely don’t like each other, and I loved seeing the slow awareness building. Watching these two together was like watching a fireworks display. It’s sparks and madness and mayhem.

Ms. Armstrong has created a world that enthralled me and other characters I can’t wait to dive deeper into. I highly recommend this one for any paranormal readers who love a good vendetta plot.

5 Blood Feud Stars!

*I received an arc via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. This review was cross-posted on the Alpha Book Club blog and can be found here.*

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