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ARC Review: Claim & Protect by Rhenna Morgan

5 stars!

I always enjoy the heck out of a Haven Brotherhood book, and Claim & Protect is no different!

34540711You meet a woman you think about before you go to sleep and first thing when you wake up, she’s worth chasing no matter how messy it is.

Natalie’s ex is causing trouble. He’s harassing her and her son, and Natalie’s at the end of her rope. The last thing she expects to see is Trevor Raines, her hottie boss, coming to her rescue. And claiming he’s her boyfriend? Natalie can’t seem to resist the gentle giant and things heat up. Unfortunately, her ex isn’t giving in.

This was everything I’ve come to expect from Rhenna Morgan. There’s the camaraderie between the brothers, romance that will make you tear up and sigh, and action that keeps you biting your nails. Natalie is such a sweetheart, but she’s being harassed by an a-hole ex. Despite her troubles, however, Natalie refuses to give in or give up. She has a son, Levi, and her mama bear instincts are up and running.

I so admired her.

Trevor’s had a rough past as well, and it lines up with what Natalie’s been going through with her ex. Even though he’s dead-set against a long-term relationship, Trevor’s more than willing to temporarily step up for Natalie to get her ex off her case. And bonus? While Trevor may be all “yes, ma’am,” he’s also not afraid to get good and dirty when his chemistry with Natalie shakes things up.

Be still my heart!

Of course there are secrets and plots and suspense galore. In my opinion, Trevor Raines takes the cake for the nicest, most down-home hero for me. His interactions with Natalie’s son, especially…I dare you not to get as mushy-eyed as I did!

Honestly, when all’s said and done, Ms. Morgan could write about the Brotherhood sitting around and yawning, and I’d eat it up. Claim & Protect is another winner in this delightful, sigh-inducing series.

Just sit back and enjoy.

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*This review was cross-posted on Alpha Book Club and the review can be found here.*


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