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ARC Review: Stranger by Robin Lovett

3.5 stars!

I’m his prey. I want to be.

The blurb in Robin Lovett’s Stranger intrigued me so hard! I wondered how the author was going to make this stalker guy the hero of the tale, and it was a riveting, adrenaline-pumping story.

30631134Penny’s being stalked. She sees this guy from the shadows, and though she’s scared, there’s something about him watching her that fires her blood. Until the day she makes contact and her whole world is placed into upheaval.

Right off the bat, you’ve got the mystery reeling the reader in. Who is this guy? Why’s he watching her? What’s this guy’s deal?! It’s told in first person from both perspectives and I like the element of dark in here. Make no mistake, this is definitely a dark tale. There’s a lot of anger and sadness and fear. Adrenaline is pumping on both sides as well as this element of intrigue. That’s before the sexual component blazes to life, and it’s dominating and harsh and powerful.

Maybe I hope that in his flames, I’ll be more.

But because there’s so much latent anger and pain on both sides, it also lends to things being left unspoken for a bit too long. The first person POV led to quite a bit of each of them ruminating over the same thoughts and feelings without moving the story forward. I also noticed quite a few inconsistencies because of it. But around the halfway mark, the story starts coming out and with such an emotional driven plot, I couldn’t help but be drawn along.

I’m even more excited that Stranger is book one in a series that focuses on an anti-hero. I’m looking for unique storylines that tackle an original cast, and this is definitely that. No traditional heroes here! I recommend anyone looking for a bit of darkness, a bit of predatory intent, to give this series a try.

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