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ARC Review: Raw Need by Cherrie Lynn

She made him want to create art.

This book took me by surprise! Raw Need is book two in Cherrie Lynn’s Larson Brothers series, and the first book I’ve read by this author. I was initially drawn in by the blurb. As a reader, I’m tempted by stories that take your emotions to the limit, and boy, did this one bring it!

34453742Rowan is recently widowed and is expecting her late husband’s child. Grief is all-consuming, and the only respite she has comes in the form of her favorite singer, Zane. The problem? Zane’s brother is responsible for her husband’s death. But she can’t help but be drawn to the charismatic Zane, and it’s not long before Rowan’s swept away into a whirlwind attraction.

Oh, what a tangled web…!

I just had mad respect for Rowan as a character right from the beginning. She’s so stinking sweet and adorable! I loved watching her get swept into Zane, but it’s not just about that either. She’s trying to heal and rediscover herself. Rowan’s got her own feelings to wade through, a baby to prepare for, and all the while, her late husband’s family is breathing down her neck. Girl has composure down to an art, although I did wish Rowan had told them where to shove it!

For. Real.

Zane completely won me over too. He’s got the patience of a saint, but make no mistake. Zane’s got his eye on Rowan, and he’s not ready to let her slip away. I enjoyed how upfront Zane is. He’s a refreshing rock star hero! The man’s got moves, but he’s had it rough too. Vulnerable one minute, full-blown confident the next. I couldn’t wait to see what side of Zane would prevail. Zane’s POV also had some of the most downright lyrical language I’ve read. Hands down.

At the end of the day, Raw Need doesn’t stray from Rowan and Zane’s love story. It’s about two lost souls riding this epic wave of a romance with all the ups and down, the joys and sorrows, that come with it. Stripped down to its nuts and bolts, it’s all about the romance and that’s what makes this book so great. I’d recommend anyone looking for a hazardously emotional story to get their hands on this one.

4 stars!

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