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ARC Review: Shattered King by Sherilee Gray

I didn’t believe in magic, or fate, and if you actually thought about it, fairy-tales were some of the darkest, most fucked-up stories there were.

35110368I’m a sucker for a dark story line, and Sherilee Gray’s Shattered King had all the elements that make it a catnip story: second chance love, incarcerated hero, revenge, passion. The blurb is simply too delicious to pass up. This is the first book in Gray’s Lawless Kings series, and it shot from a cannon straight into the stratosphere. Ms. Gray is an author to watch.

Hunter King dreams of retribution, even if it comes at the cost of kidnapping the woman he used to love. The woman responsible for putting him behind bars. He just wants to find out the truth and then it’s over. Lulu never expected her first meeting with Hunter King to turn sideways…or to end up with her as Hunter’s prisoner. Then there’s how much she still wants him despite his blazing animosity for her. But they both have secrets and demons to fight.

The man was perfection. Seriously perfection. Rough, growly, dirty perfection.

First off, this story is intense. The seething nature of Hunter has been building for three years, and as you can imagine, it led to some serious hate (rough) f&c$ing that was out of this world! Oh, my god. I don’t think I breathed through the first quarter of this book. Hunter’s everything I like in an alpha. A little rough, a lot possessive, with a sexual charisma that leaves Lulu panting. Their past sits heavily in the background. It’s this silent mass that builds and builds until it explodes.

I enjoyed Lulu as well. Girl has a lot of past to work through, and when Hunter comes at her so intimately, so unerringly? She’s caught up (quite literally) in a web that’s strong as all get out. But she’s remarkably resilient, and I just really enjoyed seeing her combat and challenge Hunter so well. Sparks, people. They are blazing hot together, and if you like dirty sex—lots of it and often—then you’d definitely enjoy this book!

That said, there were some parts that were just downright frustrating. Hunter helps run a security/investigative/recover agency company (among other things) with four other guys. I expected these guys to know what was up and act accordingly. A few times I had to put down the book and say, Really? You don’t know better? Lulu also seems to go back and forth a lot, but all things considered, I could understand it.

I simply can’t wait to read the other books in this series. Hunter’s other brothers—both biological and not—have an alpha quality and a vibe of mystery that has me wanting more. So, if you want strong characters with a protective/possessive hero who can get down and dirty, then you’re definitely going to find it here.

4 stars!

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