ARC Review: Mister Hockey by Lia Riley

On her tombstone it would read: She came. She saw. She made it awkward.

34992459Oh my gosh, Mister Hockey was such good fun! Fun, fun, fun! I’m going to be shameless and say I picked this one up because it has a librarian as the heroine. I love librarians although I’m really biased, in truth. Lia Riley’s Mister Hockey captured Breezy’s zany optimism in a delightful way, and Jed was a good guy with a dirty side.

So, what happens when the man you lust after and fangirl for drops haphazardly into your life? Breezy Angel is about to find out, and hallelujah, is it delish!

Anyone who wanted to dismiss librarians as boring bookworms had never heard Breezy rap out “I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie” after one Jack and Diet Coke too many—bonus points for her twerking skills.

Breezy Angel is a children’s librarian, and at the last minute, she loses a guest for the summer reading event she’s holding. The last thing she expects is to see her favorite hockey star walking through the library’s door. Or for him to get close enough to discover some of her secrets…

I have to say that Breezy is my fave. She’s quirky and bright, forthright and so darn funny. The scrapes she gets into are so relatable and cracked me up! She doesn’t know how to handle seeing her favorite hockey star who she has fangirled over for years. And then somehow, they keep getting pushed together and Breezy realizes she can’t let her inner fangirl out. It might just be a little bit creepy to Jed.

“Why do I get the distinct impression you are throwing the game?” She laughed as one of his bean bags landed near the kiddie pool.
He winked. “Because you have a brain.”
That’s it. If she got any wetter she was going to require a raincoat.

Jed, for his part, is such a good guy! He’s got a soft heart, and he can truly appreciate the tall, curvy librarian with energy to spare. But his hockey career might just be on the line. What better distraction than Breezy who Jed thinks isn’t a hockey fan…

*snorts* Yeah, it’s like that, ya’ll.

I couldn’t put this book down. The characters are so darn lovable and a breath of fresh air. I also adored the side characters. Breezy’s family of women are all hockey fans, her grandmother is a bit eccentric (I sooo want a Green Meanie!), and her sister just has to get her own book!

If you’re wanting a read that just leaves you giggling and wanting more I highly recommend Mister Hockey. I need more of this colorful crew!

4.5 STARS!

* I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book via the publisher on Edelweiss*

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