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ARC Review: Deceiver by Robin Lovett

When I saw Robin Lovett’s Dark series, I had to read them. I love that all of these books contain anti-heroes and have a sexually and darkly charged atmosphere to them. Deceiver is my favorite in the series!

35177163Blake Vandershall is taking a page from the previous hero’s book and plotting revenge. His father got away with his misdeeds and the man responsible for helping Blake’s father get away with it needs to be taught a lesson. Blake will take away the man’s daughter. Unfortunately for Blake, his whole world shifts because Daisy Nowell doesn’t go anywhere she doesn’t want to go.

I can’t control other people. But I can control myself. So I’ve gotten very good at the word no.

Daisy has been kind of bored with her life lately so when Blake comes in reeking of sexually-charged, angry beast she’s enthralled. There’s something about his presence that just captures her attention, but she’s also no pushover. I really, really loved Daisy! She meets Blake’s aggression head-on, and I enjoyed all the little twists and turns in this book. Daisy defies slinking back from Blake, and it leads to some sex that’s out of this world hot!

”Don’t you know how dark you are?”
“I don’t think anyone wants to find out the answer to that question.”

It took me a while to warm up to Blake. His POV felt a little overdone, and his thoughts fell into this cyclical pattern that I noticed in the first book. That being said, he really has a heartbreaking back story, and there’s no way I couldn’t just feel for him, feel his pain. He definitely becomes a multi-dimensional character, and I ended up falling completely in love with this bold Blake Vandershall. He’s what I look for in a dark, anti-hero, and I think others will love him just as much as I did.

Her brightness, her curiosity, this need for fun that is so a part of her it’s written in her skin and beating from her heart—it does things to me. It makes me want to take it and make it mine.

Where the first book had the potential for character development, I think book two realized it. Around the halfway mark, everything started coming together and the characters developed in such a way that I pushed straight through to the end. It was, quite simply, beautiful to read.

This series is getting better and better, and I can’t wait for book three. It pushes all my “yes, please” buttons. Deceiver is a great installment in this series that has me ready for more!

4 Bring-It-On-Home Stars!

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