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ARC Review: Wicked Grind by J. Kenner

32798939I didn’t know quite what to expect when I started this one. I went in thinking it looked pretty spicy (which I like), and the blurb mentioned Wyatt likes control (hell, yeah!) and that Kelsey, our heroine, is the good girl who wants a taste of wicked (*fist pump!*). Wicked Grind gave me all that, sure, but it became so much more. It’s a beautifully written story that asks us all to step out of the box.

But being on stage is like being alive, but in a world that’s perfect and beautiful, and where I’m always in control.

Kelsey Draper needs money fast and to do that, she ends up auditioning for a photography shoot. One that wants her to pose in erotic images. But that’s the easy part when the man behind the lens is her first crush and he kind of hates her now.

Wyatt Royce never got answers but he’s moved on, hoping to make a name for himself outside of his celebrity family. Everything rides on this shoot and his vision for it, but he needs one last woman to photograph. When Kelsey steps in the door, Royce knows she’s the one he needs. But can he trust her again?

First, I thoroughly enjoy second chance romances, so if that’s your jam, I highly recommend this! The characters are front and center in this plot—back twelve years before and in the here and now. There are secrets on both sides and a whole lotta tension.

To use it to reveal more about the models than even they were aware. Strength and sensuality. Innocence and power. Passion and gentleness.

What really captured my attention, however? This book is all about body positivity for women. How they delight in their bodies and their personas, and take control. He’s on a time limit, and he knows what he’s looking for. Unfortunately, he’s got to work through a lot of past to have a chance at a future. Wyatt’s super sweet with a dash of sexy, and I was charmed by him.

Then there’s shy, “good girl” Kelsey. She wants to be a dancer, but she grows up in a household with a super strict, old-fashioned father. It’s quite the dilemma when she finds a job that’ll pay the money she needs but asks that she lays herself bare. Literally and figuratively.

The side characters were great, and I’m really hoping Griffin gets a book soon! If you’re looking for a book that’s all about taking chances and following your dreams, look no further! What a great, sexy book.

5 stars!

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