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Review: Trust by Kylie Scott

A powerful and engrossing novel.

34776338Kylie Scott’s Trust handles some tough questions with no clear answers. It’s a story that makes you think and consider your own life and choices, discovering things about yourself as the characters are discovering their own answers. I have a feeling this book will stay with me for quite some time.

It’s a strange thing, though, coming face to face with your own mortality. If someone your own age could die, then what’s saving you?

Two worlds collide when high school student and good girl, Edie, finds herself in the middle of a robbery gone wrong. She’s saved by a boy who’s caught in the middle of his old life. Soon, they’re thrust into the same school, and as Edie wants to go a little bad, John’s trying to straighten up his world.

Edie goes to an all-girl private school, makes good grades, and is bullied day in and day out for her weight. A quick trip to a convenient store goes horribly wrong and everything that defined her life pre-robbery is changing. Edie is changing.

New school, new mantra, new me—and I had no fucks to give.

Gosh, there was something so charming, so real, about Edie. She has a very dry humor and is so darn witty. This quality really blew me away, especially post-robbery. She has this ability to laugh at herself, yet she doesn’t take anyone else’s BS. She’s not used to drawing attention, let alone being around someone like John.

John is the big-shot at his high school and is caught up in dealing drugs. After the robbery, he’s reconsidering his life, and Edie—bold and brave Edie—confuses him all the more. They begin this tentative friendship, connected by this absolutely horrible, life-defining event.

In life, unless you’re willing to run away and live in the woods and risk being eaten by bears, some things just were unavoidable.

So, what happens when life gets f*cked up? They have to live with this new reality, and each are figuring out if and how they can move on, if they’re coping or living, and what really matters. All of these intriguing questions sweep the readers into this tragedy, and everything is bundled up in friendship and love, life and loss.

Trust latched on and clutched right at my heartstrings. I bled and laughed with these characters, and putting it all together makes this book a must read.

4.5 stars!

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