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Twisted Fairy Tale Display: Fails & Successes

One of my initial goals of The Librarian’s Corner was to share and chat about library displays. It’s probably the funnest part of my job outside of the opportunity to gush over books. I spend hours looking at (and getting lost in) Pinterest. Then it’s hours of playing “what if I do this…” only to scrap it and start on a new (more manageable) idea. Then it’s hours trying to select books to feature.

It’s delightful.

20170705_085958Anyway, for July I wanted to do a fairy tale display.  I thought it would be fun to do it twisted style. Books that turn the fairy tale on its axis and give us something a little different. I found TONS (mostly YA) books and getting lost in the stacks was a great way to spend the afternoon.

I imagined the final product would be darker–more twisted, you could say :P. But alas, I found glitter tulle on Amazon, ordered more than I could need this year and had a blast decorating with it. I also discovered liquid chalk markers. OMG, I’M HOARDING THEM.

(I may or may not have two whole drawers full of craft supplies as my own personal stash. Alongside these FABULOUS roller pens that just write so smoothly…)

Anyway, moving on.

I saw this awesome display on Pinterest that had these cartoon-like clouds. The centerpiece of the display was this insane beanstock rising from the pages and into the clouds above. I didn’t have wall space to do that (*sobs*) so I re-purposed the cloud idea. Some good ole poster board did the trick with some trusty dusty brads and a hole punch. It was a BEAST to maneuver those clouds into place.

Next, I ran a string behind the clouds from one end of the poster side to the other, tying the ends of the string where I hole punched into the poster board. Then, the fun part of finding a prince and princess came along. I might have had a brief snafu with the laminating of said prince and princess. Okay, I almost obliterated our new laminator. I thought I was being super creative and purposeful when I didn’t have a large enough laminating sheet to cover the picture. I thought to myself: “Oh, hey! I’ll put two 8x10s over it, and we’ll cross our fingers!”

All while my director was looking on. Needless to say, the laminator jammed.


Luckily, I didn’t break it completely…so, YAY! I then ran another string down and attached it to the couple. They sway and move, and I love it. That’s when I grabbed my glitter tulle. You can’t see it too well, but I stapled yellow glitter tulle to the princess’s dress and a glittery blue cape behind the prince because why not?!? More tulle was draped behind them to complete the dreamscape.

The hardest part was those darn castle walls! Sticky tack failed me. Double-sided tape failed me. Our youth librarian saved me with some blocks to hold down the walls. A fun but exhausting project!

Your Turn!

Anyone have a display you created or your library created recently? In the past? Please share!




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