Review: Cash Plays by Cordelia Kingsbridge


cash-playsThe Seven of Spades is back with a vengeance—the vigilante serial killer has resumed their murderous crusade, eluding the police at every turn. But a bloodthirsty killer isn’t the only threat facing Sin City. A devious saboteur is wreaking havoc in Las Vegas’s criminal underworld, and the entire city seems to be barreling toward an all-out gang war.

As Detective Levi Abrams is pushed ever closer to his breaking point, his control over his dangerous rage slips further every day. His relationship with PI Dominic Russo should be a source of comfort, but Dominic is secretly locked in his own downward spiral, confronting a nightmare he can’t bear to reveal.

Las Vegas is floundering. Levi and Dominic’s bond is cracking along the seams. And the Seven of Spades is still playing to win. How many bad hands can Levi and Dominic survive before it’s game over?



I’m just gonna be over here lamenting having to wait for book four…

Cash Plays by Cordelia Kingsbridge smashed it out of the park with her third installment in the Seven of Spades series. This one is going to tear you up inside and you’re still going to come begging back for more.

One of the great things about this series is that the main relationship between Levi and Dominic is always shifting and evolving. In this one, expect for things to flip-flop and go sideways. Levi’s exterior is starting to crack. I mean, I wouldn’t expect anything less when a serial killer is finding kinship with you, all these cases are pulling you and your significant other in opposite directions and on top of that, your temper is pretty much at a constant boil.

Even I’m getting itchy thinking about it. I wanted to scream and rage while crying and squee-ing. There wasn’t one moment when I wasn’t 100% invested.

Dominic doesn’t have it easier, though. He has a new job as a PI and wants to make a good impression on his boss. But when it leads him directly into the path of one of his weaknesses will he be able to hold it together?

This installment went deep and dark, and I loved every moment. I also love those moments of humor that always catch me by surprise. It’s always at a moment where it’s just delightful. These characters come alive in a way that I haven’t felt in quite some time, and I’m going to remember them long after I finish the last page. And that ending?!? OMG. WHY, CORDELIA?!? WHY?

Welcome to your new addiction, folks.

5 stars!


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