Review: Branded by Flames by Sean Michael

img_0321I’m still recovering from how HAWT this dragon-laced romance was. My fingers were burning and as long as you like kink in your stories (and lots of it), I recommend this one!

Shae is an artist who sculpts dragons, and when the new neighbors call the cops for welding in his front yard, he’s not in a good mood. Until he catches sight of a sexy firefighter.

Jake is a dragon, and he sees signs that Shae just may be the submissive he needs. Things get complicated quickly when Jake realizes the man has his family’s crest emblazoned on his body and with it, his dragon name – Jakob-meine.

What follows is an erotic adventure about finding love in unexpected places and being able to accept – and celebrate – in one’s true self.

The beginning of this book starts slow for me. Their interactions seem disjointed and a tad awkward. About a quarter of the way through, however, things heat up.  I like how Shae is a mature hero (a silver fox, if you will), and he makes Jake work for it. The plot has just enough backstory to keep it moving and more than enough internal conflict to keep me turning pages. And again, there’s kink on top of kink. I’ve read my share of kink, ya’ll, and even I had my brows shoot up a time or two.

Now, onto a few downsides. Something I’ve noticed in Sean Michael’s other books is the dialogue isn’t very realistic.  I can’t picture men saying some of these things, and I skimmed over certain parts that brought me out of the story.

One other point I find important is that Shae, in particular, morphs into a different character in my head. Shae is an older human male. By the middle of the story, I began picturing a young buck who is shy and uncertain. Granted, lots of changes come about, but I missed the confident, older tone he exhibits earlier in the book.

That, however, was the extent of my complaints. So, if you want your erotica EROTIC, pick this book up, stat! The shaky beginning dissipates, and Jake, the dragon, is to die for. I will definitely pick up the next book in this series. These dragons are too hot to miss!

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Review:Becoming a Legend by Sarah Robinson

There are just some books that bring a whole new definition to the term “book hangover.” Becoming a Legend by Sarah Robinson is one of those books. It gives all the feels and hours later, I am still living in the Kavanagh world.

41d7qry9lilOh, these two! Right out of the gate, they have such a dialogue with each other. Kade has it bad for Nora, and Nora rebuffs him like it’s her day job! Unfortunately for Nora, there is something about him. I just knew they were going to throw down eventually (both in and out of the bedroom, that is). It’s simply a matter of when, and it happens quite quickly. At first, I worried that the plot might stall out.

I was so glad to be wrong.

Their chemistry is off the charts, both complimenting each other so well. Nora is a sweet character, but her mother (ugh! her horrid mother!) makes her feel unworthy. I’ll be honest and say I have never cried so much throughout a book. Nora’s history is heartbreaking, and Kade’s honesty and openness are just what she needs. Kade breaks right through those barriers of hers. (He’s secretly the biggest softie!)

Kane pulled her grip from the sheets and intertwined their fingers. He traced the edge of her ear with his tongue, and his breath warmed her neck as he whispered, “Anchor yourself to me, Nora. Nothing else. Only me.”

See what I mean? Such sweet, intimate moments where Kade completely steals my heart! I would give an I just love this book” sigh and then the sex would be steaming hot followed by another, “Awww, he’s just so sweet!”

But Nora definitely holds her own, and they are well matched. Kade can be a little bit of a bad boy and instead of getting on his case about it, she accepts it and gets a lot more confident and playful than she has with other men. Their banter was laugh-out-loud funny. In one part, Kade offers to help Nora with her studies:

Her eyes flickered down to his lips, then back up to meet his gaze. She straightened her shoulders and exhaled. “Let me guess, you’ll quiz me, and for each wrong answer I give, I’ll have to take off something I’m wearing?”

Kane’s mouth parted and his eyes widened as he considered the image she’d just painted for him. “Hell, Kitty, I was genuinely offering to help, but your idea is so much better. Let’s go with that.”

One of my favorite scenes involves a reference to The Princess Bride. They’re both secretly a little nerdy and quirky, and I love it! It had me giggling like a loon and grinning at their antics.

And I was astounded by how forward they both were. They communicated, and I loved that there weren’t any misunderstandings. They had each other’s back. They know what they want and when they make up their minds to go after it, it is electric.

They are electric.

This book had it all. This was the first book in the Kavanagh Legends series that I have read, and I have already ordered the previous two. I recommend this book so hard, and I dare you not to fall for the Kavanagh brothers.

I know I have.

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Review: Sweetest Taboo by J. Kenner

Sweetly erotic with a touch of dark temptation. This perfectly describes  J. Kenner’s Sweetest Taboo, the final installment of her S.I.N. Trilogy. It kept me on the edge of my seat and delivered a book I won’t soon forget!

“We’re bound, he and I. We’re inevitable. And despite the taboo, those binds between us don’t feel like chains, but like a gift.”


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This story picks up where the last book leaves off. Dallas Sykes, past legendary billionaire playboy, has a lot to answer for. Not only in regards to his own kidnapping seventeen years before, but that of the woman who had shared his horrors, Jane Martin. Secrets abound, and it’s a journey to finding out the truth as they fight for a future together.  Especially as the Woman of their past ups her game to threaten them both. Not to mention the gossip papers uncovering their mutual past while their family ties are tested.

It becomes a cat and mouse game of “Who dun it?” As they give in to their ultimate taboo, will they finally be able to claim each other, permanently? Or will the real world sever them for good?

“Because the pain means I’m here.
The pain means that I’m alive.
And I never feel more alive than in Dallas’s arms.”


This book is a delightful mix of deceit, lust, high-octane adventure, and most of all, love. Dallas and Jane are so honest in their interactions and in their emotions, and this book is about them finding a way to be together despite the odds against them. They know what they want – each other – and they complement the other so well – both intimately and in sharing their harsh past, I couldn’t help but root for them to find a way.

There has to be a way! (I may or may not have shouted that as I was reading. Multiple times.)

The intimate scenes are steaming as expected, and though I felt less would have been more in parts (and a great way to build the tension), it suits them as a couple. It is hot, hot, hot, and you can feel the heat building from the pages.

“That’s the thing about monsters, Dallas. They don’t just hide under children’s beds and in dark closets. They hide right in front of us. That’s what makes them so damn scary.”

And then comes the mystery of their kidnapping. It offers the bite of danger I wanted, and I devoured the last half of the book. I had my suspicions confirmed, and I love feeling like a super sleuth! What a ride!

4/5 Stars!

So, if you’re looking for a great love conquers all book – a mutual fight on both sides with a hint of unsolved mystery, a scorching amount of erotica, and a bit of taboo –  I highly recommend this book. I can’t wait for where J. Kenner will take her readers next.

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